Amal is a gifted educator and facilitator. It is because of her excellent pedagogical skills, and her ability to educate at different levels of knowledge that I would happily invite her to my university classroom again, whether that be at undergraduate or graduate level. Topics on racism, colonialism, Islamaphobia, anti-Blackness, gender and patriarchy, heteronormativity, queer politics, and intersectionality can be difficult for students, but I had total confidence in Amal. She successfully created an open dialogical environment, all the while demonstrating inclusion and integrity in her approach to anti-oppression.  She skillfully engaged with the main themes of the course, drew out quieter students, and made clear the scholarly connections between the readings, theory, and practice. She beautifully extends her own creative capacities as a writer, poet, and performance artist to her already expansive pedagogical tools. Along with her years of education and facilitation experience, she has a wickedly funny sense of humour. I would be delighted to have Amal facilitate and/or teach for me anytime. - Dr. Rita Kaur Dhamoon, Assistant Professor in Political Science, University of Victoria. 

Amal is a brilliant facilitator and educator. Her knowledge, skill and open-ended practice builds discussion, understanding, and most importantly, action. Integrating social justice knowledge, extensive experience and artistic inspiration, her work brings new learnings to organizations and movements that want to move forward, deepen their vision and embrace change. - Charlotte Kates, National Lawyers Guild

Amal brings an unfailing intersectional lens to any table she happens to find herself at. She does not shy away from hard topics and is not afraid to take groups through challenging exercises in order to achieve meaningful results. Amal has a wide variety of tools available for tailoring presentations, workshops, and keynote speeches to the needs of your group. As a versatile and effective professional who practices building in with community and building out with allies, I would recommend Amal to groups who are taking equity and inclusion work seriously.  - Kassandra Cordero, Human Rights Director, British Columbia Federation of Labour (BCFED)

Amal is an informed and empathetic facilitator who somehow manages to be gentle and approachable, while also encouraging a critical examination of difficult subject matter. She has a way of leading that respects the knowledge in the room while also expanding the conversation and imparting new skills and ideas. Her combination of theory, personal anecdote, and participatory learning helped me develop and grow my own abilities as a facilitator. -  Aliya Griffin, Co-Facilitator, The Home Project, Green Thumb Theatre

We felt fortunate to have had Amal as a facilitator for an engagement session. She is an excellent facilitator who put accessibility and inclusivity first, brought community needs forward, and was very patient and flexible to the organizing group's needs. Working with Amal has been very educational and we would recommend her as a facilitator and speaker to any organization who is involved in community organizing. - Eyemole Arts and Technology Co-operative

Few people have a clearer comprehension of the issues facing dismissed and discounted communities and then, how to gracefully and tactfully lead people to self awareness and understanding. Amal is a skilled educator both in designing and delivering content. Her no nonsense style, her warmth, and empathy, her creativity, and her very deep dedication to the communities she serves, endears her to students and co-educators alike. Working with Amal and learning from her has indeed been a privilege for me personally and for my organization and the members that we serve. - Sharryn Modder, Equity Officer, Hospital Employee's Union (HEU)

Amal is a an incredible facilitator and poet. She is knowledgeable, gentle and transparent. She engages with people from a visceral and intellectual place and creates space for people to feel safe to express their thoughts. I have been in many anti-oppression, diversity workshops, but Amal’s genuine and organic approach sets her apart from other facilitators. - Fay Nass, Artistic Director, frank theatre 

Amal’s poetry and anti-oppression workshops are excellent. She asked thoughtful questions in preparation and tailored the time to our group balancing group work, individual coaching, and learning to give and receive constructive criticism. The young participants responded strongly to Amal’s encouragement and enthusiasm. Her kindness and love of story are backed up by incisive honesty and analysis around access, inclusion and power. We have hired Amal in the past and will do so in the future.  - The Reverend Laurel Dykstra, Director, Sacred Earth Camp


Amal has received two Creative Spark Vancouver grants as well as participating in our Arts Integration Learning Lab. She has put together very compelling workshops for racialized youth using a combination of visual art and poetry to explore identity and belonging. She develops strong partnerships in the community, engages youth artists as co-facilitators, and navigates planning/logistical hurdles. Amal is doing the very important work of holding space that centers the lived experiences and creative expressions of racialized youth, including youth of colour, Indigenous youth, and immigrant and refugee youth. - Emily Beam, Director of Programs, ArtStarts in Schools


I feel so fortunate to have been a participant in the Alive After 5 training workshop with Amal. Amal is an exceptional facilitator, her dynamic and compassionate approach to facilitation was affirming and added depth to the content we were exploring. Amal challenged folks to delve deep into new concepts and ideas. I walked away from her workshop with new skills and a fresh perspective to use in my work. - Nikki Koutsochilis, Alive After 5 Young Worker Awareness Program


Cambium Arts has been an amazing group to work with, especially with kids. Their workshop, featuring kite creation, managed to explore the advantages of both individuality and collaboration in creation. The artists involved were very attentive to each students creative abilities and learning methods, and managed to bring them all together to complete a project that turned out to be creatively stimulating, both physically and mentally. Working with Cambium was a treat, I would recommend them to any centre or organization looking to engage the public in the arts. - Oliver McTavish-Wisden, Community Arts Programmer, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre