What's Faith Got To Do With It? 
Building Alliances Between Unions and Faith Groups 

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In these current times, it's crucial to come together and build stronger alliances between unions and communities. As workers and community members, we need more allies! 

Faith communities have played an important role in many social movements. Various faith traditions have strong roots in justice for the common people, including workers. 

Why do unions and social justice matter to people of faith? What can faith communities do to help strengthen our union and workers’ rights? How can we support faith communities, especially those on the margins, in creating a more equitable and inclusive world? 

Come listen, share and learn more about the possibilities of building shared power and relationships with faith groups in this interactive and engaging workshop!

Moving from Respectful to Truly Inclusive Workplaces

Imagine a workplace where equity and inclusion are the norm. Where everyone feels respected. A workplace where we move from conversations on diversity and representation into a truly transformative and compassionate workplace culture reflected in our policies, our processes and our daily interactions with each other. This skills based workshop is modular in format with a specific focus on a range of key Equity and Inclusion issues arising in workplaces. Clients can opt for the full length workshop covering all topics or focus on one or more of the following modules: 

  • Introduction to an Equity and Inclusion Framework for the Workplace

  • Addressing and Preventing Sexual Harassment. Creating a Culture of Consent in the Workplace 

  • Building Healthy Workplaces: Preventing Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

  • Making your workplace truly inclusive for staff, clients, patrons etc. from equity groups. Addressing racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and other issues of power and privilege in the workplace.  

  • From Bystander to Upstander: Becoming an Active Ally in the Workplace 

  • Duty to Accommodate and Accessibility in the Workplace 

Organizing in Today’s Workplaces: Building a Transformative Labour Movement  

Currently, one in four British Columbians are Black, Indigenous or Workers of Colour. Racialized workers areamongst the fasting growing demographic in the workforce and often experience some of the most oppressive working conditions.

In the face of ever escalating regressive forces and rapid privatization, how do we develop winning and deeply inclusive organizing strategies that truly welcome in diverse representation at every level of our unions?

Using a combination of skills building, case studies, organizational mapping, inclusion frameworks and other tools, this workshop equips union leadership, organizers, local officers, activists and others to ensure their unions stay relevant and responsive to the needs of a changing workforce.