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Creating Respectful Workplaces

This interactive workshops looks at the steps required to create and maintain respectful work environments. Together we will identify the signs of an unhealthy workplace, look at underlying factors, gain an understanding of different forms of harassment and identify concrete solutions for building healthier working relationships. We will examine concepts such as diversity, equity and bullying while identifying the legal obligations of all parties when it comes to creating an inclusive workplace. 

If people counTED! Economics from a community Lens

Power goes to two poles – to those who’ve got the money and those who’ve got the people.

Imagine that you live in an economy that works for everyone, where green jobs, a living wage, human rights and respect for the rights of Indigenous people are a given . What would the economy be like if it was not built on the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few people?

Who said learning about economics can’t be fun! This interactive course  puts the “popular” back in “economics” and debunks the myth that only economists and politicians can understand and make decisions about our economic lives!

Using popular education techniques and drawing from our collective knowledge, we will learn the basics of economics and the impact of the economy on ourselves, our workplaces and our communities.

Interrupting Misogyny and Sexism

Throughout the world, we are seeing the growth of incredible movements for justice. Now, more than ever, we need to equip ourselves with the tools to effectively interrupt misogyny and sexism in our workplaces, our communities and other aspects of our lives. This interactive workshop offers practical strategies and breaks down commonly used terms and definitions. Together, we'll discuss examples of both interpersonal and institutional sexism, look at underlying causes and identify practical strategies for building cultures of consent.